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At Antique Shippers we fully appreciate the importance of having the right packing to protect your shipment in transit. Our expert packing team will tailor the packaging to your needs and budget – and if they can’t find anything suitable from our huge range of standard packing cases, they’ll make something to fit!

Bespoke Packing Service

A member of our team will contact you to make sure we fully understand your needs and those of the item. We’ll also take into account the method of transportation and how the item will be handled. After that, we can either collect the item or leave you to drop it off so that we can hand-assemble the perfect packaging.

Packing cases

Our packing cases are made from the highest quality kiln-dried timber, planed all round to avoid splinters. Our timber is assessed by the UK Forestry Commission and is certified to 56/30 ISPM15 – the internationally recognized standard for treated timber, and your guarantee against import/export problems.

Interior packing

Our specialists employ a full range of packing materials and moisture-proof linings, including plywood, hardboard, foam, ethafoam, polystyrene, polythene, kraft paper and bubble wrap, to ensure that your items remain stable and secure in transit. Vacuum-sealed barrier bags are used for items requiring a controlled environment.


Cases can be fitted with captive screws, handles, hinges and wheels to facilitate handling, according to the exact nature of the shipment.